Phantom Fifth

Phantom Fifth is an alternative rock band from New York City comprised of Paul (guitar and vocals), Greg Delves (bass) from Melbourne, Australia, and Colin McCarthy (drums) of Cork, Ireland.  Formed in 2015, the band embraces the sonic dreamscape of sound and dark energy staked out by such forebears as Nick Cave, Joy Division, The Strokes and The Stooges.  On their debut EP "Real Future" (summer 2016) the band collaborated with James Richardson of MGMT and Grammy nominated producer Larry Leron.

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Clandestine Taxi
Clandestine Taxi is Paul's experimental solo venture, a more low-key, moody project combining the glamour and sin of Los Angeles with the grit and noir of New York, stirred gently with urbane Eurotrash touches imported from the intangible ennui of international airport lounges and the back seat windows of foreign taxi cabs.  Clandestine Taxi - songs of love, lust, cocktails and bad directions.
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The Stripminers
The Stripminers are an American rock band from Los Angeles, California comprised of Brett Anderson (The Donnas), DJ Bonebrake (X, The Knitters), Holland Greco (The Peak Show, Murdergram), Brett Simons (Dwight Yoakam, Brian Wilson, Melissa Etheridge) and Paul Stinson.  Their sound has been described as "punk Americana."  They released their first two studio albums, "Movies" and "Frail Hope Ranch" on vinyl in 2012 and have just completed their third album, "Broken Filters," to be released soon.
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The Radishes
The Radishes are an alterna-trash punk band from San Francisco, founded by Stinson in 2005. Current lineup = John Dumont - bass; Jason Fessel - guitar; Randy Leasure - drums; Paul Stinson - vox, guitar. "Fast loud snotty punk rock that reminds us of a cross between The Dickies and The Dead Boys...but with a much more modern overall vibe." - Babysue, Jan. 2013.  “Snotty heavy punk. Dead Boys, Gorilla Biscuits. Good for picking up slutty Jersey girls.” – Hybrid Magazine (12/07).
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Sugar Knives
Formed in 2008 by Paul Stinson (Guitar, vocals) and Leo Kopelow (Guitars), Sugar Knives sound like a greasy fry-up of The White Stripes, The Stooges and Judas Priest. Their self-titled 11-song debut from 2009 features guest vocals by Brett Anderson (who also stars in the video for Who's To Blame), drums by Jason Sutter of the Chris Cornell Band, Smash Mouth and many others, plus a host of superstar talents wielding a twitchy arsenal of horns, keyboards, and of course loud, loud Marshall stacks.
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